surfsong villa beach

Surfsong Villa Resort – The Ideal Staycation

A sense of calm will wash over you as soon as you pass through the gates at Surfsong villa resort.Tucked away a short ride over the bridge from Tortola, this boutique resort is a calm and peaceful sanctuary from daily life. With unforgettable views, attentive staff, a tranquil atmosphere, and luxurious amenities, Surfsong give guests the perfect personalized service and a place you will want to return to time.

Friendly geckos dart in the paths, butterflies dance in the green trees, and the sound of bananaquits ring all through the resort. With seven secluded villas as well as a maximum number of 30 guests, you will greatly feel you have this private oasis to yourselves.

surfsong villa beach

Each of the villas gives elegant bedrooms with king beds, enough space to relax and a feeling of intimate exclusivity not always found in a resort setting. Surfsong, as the name suggests is the song of the waves reverberates all through the five-acre area, giving a sense of tranquility wherever you go. The boutique nature of it gives guests the capability to discover the islands on their time, at their pace, with the amenities they prefer.

Getting to the main reception place is like walking into a treasured family’s home. Cosy furniture provides a gathering space for family and friends, and the honor bar makes producing your cocktails and refreshments easy and straightforward. Take what you like and just write down your best choices to be later billed to your villa.

surfsong villa beach

The two-story beach lounge offers space to indulge in an afternoon spent with a book in a swinging hammock, a very friendly game of cards with travelers like you, or a cocktail party to celebrate your life’s great periods. As low tide washes the rocks over and coral beyond the resort, beautiful white herons gracefully land as if on cue, stingrays and skates glide through the shallows, and the surf’s sound provides a peaceful soundtrack to day to day life at Surfsong resort.

Just some steps away from the beach lounge, a lot of soft white sand provides guests room for you to relax before an expanse of peacefulness, fresh water lap the shore of Well Bay. Kayaks, a Hobie Cat, and paddle boards are available to guests during their stay and provide you with endless hours of fun on the water of the villa resort.

surfsong villa beach

Among the most delicious parts of a stay is dining at The Courtyard restaurant. David Cioppa, an Executive Chef, creates real memorable culinary experiences, which will delight and surprise guests. His refined, creative dishes made from local Caribbean ingredients will make every bite memorable.

A new package makes your Surfsong experience available to USVI and BVI residents like never before. Come and be pampered for a long weekend. The ability to really experience a boutique resort is available at Surfsong villa resort, which will be your favorite place to stay.

Perfect for couples, multi generational travel, friends traveling together, and meetings and corporate retreats, Surfsong resort is the ultimate place in personalized boutique accommodations you can get in the Caribbean. With the entire convenience of a resort stay available, you’ll feel like you are on your island.

surfsong villa beach

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