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British Virgin Islands Resorts – Tortola

Tortola is the largest of the British Virgin Island. An island paradise formed from volcanic activity, it offers tourists a wide range of activities from scuba diving to mountain climbing. With plenty of white sands, crystal clear emerald waters and sunshine for everyone, it’s truly one of the earth’s island paradises. Of course, if you want to enjoy this island jewel, you would need a place to stay. In this article, we feature the top 5 hotels in Tortola BVI.

Fort Burt Hotel

Fort Burt Hotel offers something unique when compared to other hotels in Tortola. The hotel surrounds an old Dutch fort ruins. Hence, just by staying in the place, you are already getting a bit of Tortola’s culture and history. Fort Burt Hotel also offers fax machines and phone lines, which is great if you want to stay in touch with work while having a vacation. Fort Burt Hotel is also located on the edges of Road Town, which means it’s a bit secluded and you’ll have ample supply of peace. Fort Burt Hotel also offers a great view of the ruins and the surrounding areas.

fort burt

Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas

Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas might be a relatively small hotel, but it’s not a reason why you should cross it off your list. This hotel might be small, but it more than makes up with top-of-the-line friendly service. Furthermore, Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas is taking advantage of its size as you get to know your fellow guests over great scenery and relaxing atmosphere. The rooms come in various sizes, and all have a great view of the waters. Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas also offers a sandy white beach with calm waters, which if you have kids.

fort recovery


Frenchmans is at the west end of Tortola. Its main highlight is the small but secluded beach. The hotel also offers plenty of water sports for you to enjoy. Restaurants and Soper’s Hole shoppings are just a few minutes away by foot. The rooms are also very lovely, featuring mainly wooden furniture, neutral color themes and a touch of colorful accents. Also, each room has a full kitchen.

Frenchmans in Tortola. Photo: Supplied.

Heritage Inn

If you want a hotel with great views, then you might to seriously consider Heritage Inn. This hotel might be small, but it’s perched on a cliff. That means it offers an extraordinary and unparalleled view. The room sizes are not too big or not too small. Heritage Inn also attracts a lot of vacationers who want to socialize with other guest either at the bar, restaurant or the pool. It’s one of those hotels that carry a fun vibe that is contagious to every guest.

heritage inn

Long Bay Beach Club

If you want a hotel with tons of amenities, then Long Bay Beach Club may be the one for you. Long Bay Beach Club offers you a tennis court, spa, swimming pool and a beach to name a few. As a bonus, all of these amenities carry an intimate setting for a backdrop. Another great reason for choosing Long Bay Beach Club is because they can offer you a wide variety of rooms from beachfront suites to hotel rooms, and everything in between. The rooms are furnished with bright colored fabrics and rattan furniture to bring out that tropical feel even further.

long bay beach club

So that’s it for now. Of course, there are plenty of other hotels in Tortola. However, you can’t make a big mistake by choosing any of the ones we mentioned above.

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