British Virgin Islands Sailing Destinations

There is no doubt that the British Virgin Islands is a go-to location for anyone looking to travel. Located in the Caribbean they are a compilation of volcanic islands that is a territory of Britain. The archipelago is comprised of four main islands and a myriad of other smaller islands. When you think British Virgin Islands you think of white sandy beaches and blue beautiful seas. The beaches are reef-lined making a British Virgin Islands sailing trip a bucket list item for yachting lovers.

The peak season in the British Virgin Islands is December to April. For snorkelers, November to February is when there is maximum visibility. If you are a sailing enthusiast, there are a few tips you need to guide you on your trip. It is good to have a plan when you are traveling. The following is a British Virgin Islands sailing guide:

First Destination

The most recommended first anchorage is Norman Islands. It is an anchorage that is well protected from the raging seas. You will sail a short distance into the Sir Francis Drake Channel past the Pelican and Indian Islands. It will provide you the ideal location for your overnight mooring. The island is well protected and has a choice of two hotels so you can pick your fancy. It also has excellent snorkeling destinations. Once you get your accommodation, head over to the caves. They are an excellent national park that you can snorkel. It has a lively bar and restaurant known as Pirates where you can enjoy excellent meals.


Second destination

After the Normal Islands, you should mosey on to the Indians. You can motor straight there. It is close enough to not require you to put up your sails. You can enjoy the magnificent rock formations as you take breakfast. Then you can head over to the sea and begin snorkeling. The Islands have a variety of other destinations including the RHONE wreck and the Cooper Island.

bvi fruit

Third destination

This would definitely have to be North Sound, Virgin Gorda. This is one place you are sure to find activities that every member of your family will enjoy. There is a band of small islets that are called the dogs. These islets are all national parks and are an excellent way to break up your sail. In the North Sound, you will be sure to find a vast selection of restaurants and marinas to choose from. These include Saba Rock, Leverick Bay, and Bitter End Yacht. Saba Rock is a choice destination that overlooks the North Sound. It has a delicious buffet menu that is very affordable.

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Fourth Destination

This will probably be the longest sail on your trip. Your fourth destination has to be Jost Van Dyke. Before you get there it is recommended that you dive for a snorkel at Monkey Point. It is a national park with a large variety of creatures including yellowtail snappers, turtles, grunts, and jacks.

The Brigish Virgin Islands are a constellation of islands that are a must go to destination for anyone looking to travel, sail or chill out in a luxury resort. Whether you are a holiday maker or a couple on a honeymoon, the above is the sailing guide. For more information about moorings and anchorage go here.

5 Hotels For You British Virgin Islands Honeymoon

Imagine going to a place where all you have to do is check into a luxury villa. You don’t have to lift a finger to do any housework: your bed is made for you each day,  the villa is kept spick and span, and your pool is cleaned until it sparkles. Imagine having breakfast, lunch and dinner is prepared for you by a personal chef and someone  to do your washing and ironing. After all, it’s your honeymoon and you deserve to be treated like the rich and famous.

Is this your idea of paradise? Photo:

Finding the perfect honeymoon destination can sometimes be tricky for couples. There are many exotic destinations where the couples can enjoy some best moments of their life, and the British Virgin Islands is definitely one of them. The place not only offers a romantic getaway location surrounded by natural beauty but also provides some enthralling activities like scuba diving, surfing, boating, and many others.

BVI is perfect for bringing you closer to each other. The hotels in this location are beyond perfect for your British Virgin Islands honeymoon plan, as they offer a luxury living experience that is blended with nature. Here are top 5 hotels that you can consider for your stay at the British Virgin Islands.


This hotel not only provides a warm and homely feeling to all its visitors but also offers the best hospitality services. The staffs of this hotel are accommodating and friendly and are ready to help you with any issue 24*7. The location of this hotel makes it even worth more staying. It offers spectacular views and provides a host of other facilities like good housekeeping services, free WiFi, access to the pool, delicious food, beachfront view, free parking, air conditioner, television, and many others.




Surfsong Villa Resort

The main thing that distinguishes Surfsong Villa Resort from other hotels or resorts is the ambiance of this place. The views, serenity, relaxation, and simply soul-soothing experience are sure to add up to your beautiful moments even more. They even give you the option to self-cater yourself in the resort’s kitchen. They even give you some recommendations for your daily excursions like snorkeling, day-cruising, swimming with dolphins, and many others.

surfsong villa beach

Peter Island Resort

Imagine spending your honeymoon on a private island surrounded by sparkling blue water and breathtaking natural views. This resort gives you the best luxury experience with expansive spa, various dining options, some private beaches, and also legions of wild sea grapes and coconuts. You can even get personal chefs, valets, and maids if money is no constraint for you.

Peter Island

Peter Island
Deadman’s Beach on PETER ISLAND

Bitter End Yacht Club

If you want to indulge in some sports adventures along with your romantic plan outs then this is the perfect hotel for you. They offer various staying options, and you can choose any one depending upon your preference. Every room has been designed using classy interiors and is well equipped with every necessary item like air conditioner, television, free Wi-Fi access, coffee makers, Teak furniture, and much more. You can also the enjoy their daily schedule which involves yoga class, windsurfing lessons, snorkeling tours, and much more.

Bitter End Yacht Club
The Bitter End Yacht Club, North Sound, Virgin Gorda, British Virgin Islands.
Bitter End Yacht Club
Tour of Bitter End by Sandra Graem willneed selection

Scrub Island Resort, Spa, & Marina, Autograph Collection

This could turn out to be your dream romantic getaway stay as the place has much to offer. The resort is surrounded by shallow coral reefs, white-sand beaches, and also a 55-slip marina. The beautiful scenery along with contemporary décor is sure to make you feel delighted. You can choose to stay in their deluxe guest room, suite or villa depending on your preference. The teak furniture, mini fridge, free Wi-Fi, delicious food, and relaxing spa come with every accommodation.

The honeymoon is a once in a lifetime event which everyone wants to cherish the rest of their life. So make sure to choose the correct honeymoon destination backed up with a perfect staying hotel to make your honeymoon period worth remembering.

Scrub Island

Scrub Island

Surfsong Villa Resort – The Ideal Staycation

A sense of calm will wash over you as soon as you pass through the gates at Surfsong villa resort.Tucked away a short ride over the bridge from Tortola, this boutique resort is a calm and peaceful sanctuary from daily life. With unforgettable views, attentive staff, a tranquil atmosphere, and luxurious amenities, Surfsong give guests the perfect personalized service and a place you will want to return to time.

Friendly geckos dart in the paths, butterflies dance in the green trees, and the sound of bananaquits ring all through the resort. With seven secluded villas as well as a maximum number of 30 guests, you will greatly feel you have this private oasis to yourselves.

surfsong villa beach

Each of the villas gives elegant bedrooms with king beds, enough space to relax and a feeling of intimate exclusivity not always found in a resort setting. Surfsong, as the name suggests is the song of the waves reverberates all through the five-acre area, giving a sense of tranquility wherever you go. The boutique nature of it gives guests the capability to discover the islands on their time, at their pace, with the amenities they prefer.

Getting to the main reception place is like walking into a treasured family’s home. Cosy furniture provides a gathering space for family and friends, and the honor bar makes producing your cocktails and refreshments easy and straightforward. Take what you like and just write down your best choices to be later billed to your villa.

surfsong villa beach

The two-story beach lounge offers space to indulge in an afternoon spent with a book in a swinging hammock, a very friendly game of cards with travelers like you, or a cocktail party to celebrate your life’s great periods. As low tide washes the rocks over and coral beyond the resort, beautiful white herons gracefully land as if on cue, stingrays and skates glide through the shallows, and the surf’s sound provides a peaceful soundtrack to day to day life at Surfsong resort.

Just some steps away from the beach lounge, a lot of soft white sand provides guests room for you to relax before an expanse of peacefulness, fresh water lap the shore of Well Bay. Kayaks, a Hobie Cat, and paddle boards are available to guests during their stay and provide you with endless hours of fun on the water of the villa resort.

surfsong villa beach

Among the most delicious parts of a stay is dining at The Courtyard restaurant. David Cioppa, an Executive Chef, creates real memorable culinary experiences, which will delight and surprise guests. His refined, creative dishes made from local Caribbean ingredients will make every bite memorable.

A new package makes your Surfsong experience available to USVI and BVI residents like never before. Come and be pampered for a long weekend. The ability to really experience a boutique resort is available at Surfsong villa resort, which will be your favorite place to stay.

Perfect for couples, multi generational travel, friends traveling together, and meetings and corporate retreats, Surfsong resort is the ultimate place in personalized boutique accommodations you can get in the Caribbean. With the entire convenience of a resort stay available, you’ll feel like you are on your island.

surfsong villa beach

British Virgin Islands Resorts – Tortola

Tortola is the largest of the British Virgin Island. An island paradise formed from volcanic activity, it offers tourists a wide range of activities from scuba diving to mountain climbing. With plenty of white sands, crystal clear emerald waters and sunshine for everyone, it’s truly one of the earth’s island paradises. Of course, if you want to enjoy this island jewel, you would need a place to stay. In this article, we feature the top 5 hotels in Tortola BVI.

Fort Burt Hotel

Fort Burt Hotel offers something unique when compared to other hotels in Tortola. The hotel surrounds an old Dutch fort ruins. Hence, just by staying in the place, you are already getting a bit of Tortola’s culture and history. Fort Burt Hotel also offers fax machines and phone lines, which is great if you want to stay in touch with work while having a vacation. Fort Burt Hotel is also located on the edges of Road Town, which means it’s a bit secluded and you’ll have ample supply of peace. Fort Burt Hotel also offers a great view of the ruins and the surrounding areas.

fort burt

Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas

Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas might be a relatively small hotel, but it’s not a reason why you should cross it off your list. This hotel might be small, but it more than makes up with top-of-the-line friendly service. Furthermore, Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas is taking advantage of its size as you get to know your fellow guests over great scenery and relaxing atmosphere. The rooms come in various sizes, and all have a great view of the waters. Fort Recovery Beachfront Villas also offers a sandy white beach with calm waters, which if you have kids.

fort recovery


Frenchmans is at the west end of Tortola. Its main highlight is the small but secluded beach. The hotel also offers plenty of water sports for you to enjoy. Restaurants and Soper’s Hole shoppings are just a few minutes away by foot. The rooms are also very lovely, featuring mainly wooden furniture, neutral color themes and a touch of colorful accents. Also, each room has a full kitchen.

Frenchmans in Tortola. Photo: Supplied.

Heritage Inn

If you want a hotel with great views, then you might to seriously consider Heritage Inn. This hotel might be small, but it’s perched on a cliff. That means it offers an extraordinary and unparalleled view. The room sizes are not too big or not too small. Heritage Inn also attracts a lot of vacationers who want to socialize with other guest either at the bar, restaurant or the pool. It’s one of those hotels that carry a fun vibe that is contagious to every guest.

heritage inn

Long Bay Beach Club

If you want a hotel with tons of amenities, then Long Bay Beach Club may be the one for you. Long Bay Beach Club offers you a tennis court, spa, swimming pool and a beach to name a few. As a bonus, all of these amenities carry an intimate setting for a backdrop. Another great reason for choosing Long Bay Beach Club is because they can offer you a wide variety of rooms from beachfront suites to hotel rooms, and everything in between. The rooms are furnished with bright colored fabrics and rattan furniture to bring out that tropical feel even further.

long bay beach club

So that’s it for now. Of course, there are plenty of other hotels in Tortola. However, you can’t make a big mistake by choosing any of the ones we mentioned above.